Does Laser Treatment Work?

Laser treatment for hair loss: Low Level Light Therapy, or LLLT for short, is a treatment that uses low intensity laser light to promote hair growth. For approval the laser has to be within a specific energy interval and wavelength. The light sources used can be lasers or LEDs.

Laser hair growth devices produce no heat so they are referred to as “cold lasers”. They are perfectly safe to use and will not harm your skin or hair roots. Though science have not firmly established exactly how the mechanisms work, LLLT seem to stimulate the activity within the cells and increase hair production.

The light is absorbed into the cells. Within 6 months of use is is common to see results in thicker hair. We still have to wait for science to figure out exactly how it works but the results does speak for themselves.

Buying you own equipment

Laser Hair GrowthYou can get the treatment at a special practitioner, but it is time consuming and expensive. A better option is to buy your own equipment and use it whenever convenient. The devices range in price $500-$1200. When you own your equipment you can use it as much as you want with no more time based fee.