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While hair loss is mostly associated with the scalp, the whole body is affected. Sometimes it goes to the extent of affecting your eye brows and beards.

Although it is treated as a normal health complication, hair loss is an indication of an underlying problem in the human body. Be sure to consult your doctor if you experience significant loss of hair. It is normal to lose approximately 100 threads of hair in a day; this is negligible and unnoticeable. But when you feel patches or hair on your comb, you are experiencing hair fall off.

Baldness is the commonly known type of hair loss. It is the loss of scalp hair on men. There are many conditions that can lead to a man losing hair; either partially or wholly. People react differently to hair loss. Some prefer to leave nature to take its course, some use artificial hair to cover, some choose to change hairstyles to create uniformity in hiding, and others take the medical path to seek for treatment.

However, it is crucial to consult with specialists and at least establish a cause before choosing your preferred course of action. You can choose to assume yet it is an indication of poor nutrition, which you should work on. Consulting a Dermatologist establishes a ground for good decision making with respect to available treatment options.


Hair loss comes in different ways depending on the cause. To some, it is a gradual process while it occurs suddenly in others. Depending on the type and cause, it can affect your whole body or the scalp only. Also, hair loss can be temporary or permanent. How the process rolls over with the signs it depicts can help to identify the cause hence treatment options.

Gradual thinning on top of the head is the most common sign of hair loss especially among the elderly. When an individual hits the age of 60, hair loss is expected due hormonal change. This is also considered a natural process that does not need to panic you. Typically, men experience a receding hair line from the forehead that forms an m shape. For women it is different. In ladies the forehead hair line is maintained but wide and large thinning is experienced on the scalp. In fact, the hair broadens.

Sudden loss of hair

Sudden loss of hair is a sign of immense hair loss. This is often due to physical or emotional shock that affects hair life cycle pattern and hormones involved in growth and development. Shock also causes hair roots to loosen, which leads to hair loss on any slight interference with the hair. Hair might fall off when gently tugging, washing or even combing your hair.

Patchy bald spots are a common sign of hair loss. While it is mostly noticed on the scalp, some people experience it in the beard and on the eye brows. Usually, the process is characterized by itchiness and mild pain before hair falls off to create a patch. If it is on the scalp, the bald spots are smooth and coin-sized.

Additionally, patches of scaling spreading on the scalp are a sign of ring worms that results in significant loss of hair. The patches are characterized by swelling and sometimes oozing. The swellings become itchy and red in color. After few days, you are most likely to experience broken hair on the patches that begin spreading across the scalp. It is mostly witnessed in school going children.

If you are experiencing any of this on your body or scalp, it is time to see a doctor. While you should not panic, it is important to go to a specialist on basis of these symptoms and establish a treatment option. Hair loss might also be a signal to an underlying medical condition that may require urgent medical attention; do not assume anything.


Normal falling off of hair is unnoticeable because there is immediate replacement. Besides, the number of hairs falling off is negligible with respect to millions of hair on your scalp. But when the life cycle of shedding and growth is disrupted or hair follicles are damaged, you will notice patches or significant hair on your comb. The following are the possible conditions that lead to scar tissues in place of follicles, which is hair loss:

Family history

Genes carry both desired and undesired characteristics in a family, including defects. This is the most common cause of hair loss both in men and women. It is predictable. Female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness occur at specific points in life, especially in old age depending on your family’s genetic make-up. Men experience receding hair lines that form letter M while females experience large hair thinning on the scalp.

Hormonal Changes

The human body undergoes various processes that depend on hormones. Child birth, menopause, menstruation are some of the processes that are activated or inhibited by hormones. Alteration of the hormonal functions can sometimes lead to hair loss. Usually, hair regrows after the body regains normalcy.


There are systemic illnesses that are treated with strong medication. These drugs interfere with the normal functioning of a body. Treatment can alter normal body functioning thus triggering hair loss. Besides, medical procedures like surgery may interfere with normal hair growth.