Why Am I Loosing My Hair?

Hair loss reasons


Trauma is a very common cause of hair loss. If you have been through surgery, a car accident, an illness or another kind of trauma, hair loss is a common side effect. It is a hair loss type called “telogen effluvium”. A hairs life is a cycle of growing, resting and then finally shredding. A trauma may push more than normal of your hair into the shredding phase resulting in a net loss of hair. This kind of hair loss will recover as your body recovers.

Being pregnant

Being pregnant is a physical stress that may cause hair loss. It is more common to happen after delivery than during the actual pregnancy. Giving birth is a trauma in itself, but it will pass and your hair will grow back within some time. Make sure not to excess on vitamin A since that may be a factor.

Recommended dosage of vitamin A

The recommended daily dose is 5000 IU and supplement can contain between 2500 to 10000 IU so it is a good idea to check the label and make sure the dosage is right. If you realize you have overdosed, it is a reversible condition and your hair should come back once you lower the dose.

Protein deficiency

Lack of protein may trigger your body to reduce hair growth. You may see this already after a couple of months of staying too low in protein intake.

Lack of protein

If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, your body may ration protein by shutting down hair growth, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This can happen about two to three months after a drop in protein intake, they say. To prevent this, make sure your diet contains good protein. This is especially important if you are a vegetarian or vegan, just make sure you choose other foods that contain protein.

Our hormones

A majority of men have less hair when they reach the age of 60, mainly due to what is called “male pattern baldness”. This is very familiar to all of us, and it is caused by both hormones and genes It has a typical pattern of reduction at the temples creating a hairline shaped like an “M”. Chemicals like minoxidil can be used for dermal application and medications as finasteride can halt the condition and even cause some to grow. Surgery or graft operations are also an option.

Female hair loss

female hair lossThe female variant of hair loss is has basically the same reasons as the male version. It may differ in expression though, while men´s hairline recede in a typical M-shaped pattern, womens hair loss tend to more evenly spaced, resulting in an overall thinning of the hair.

You may have a greater risk if you come from a family with a history of female hair loss since genes have a major impact. Just like men, female may benefit from minoxidil treatment.

Female hormones

We mentioned that pregnancy may cause hair loss. Going of the the birth-control can also be a trigger. Combine this with a genetary disposal and the trauma of a pregnancy and birth and you will be more likely to lose hair. Just as before, the months following the pregnancy may be the time your hair needs to recover.

Stress, emotional

Though emotional stress may be less likely to cause hair loss than physical stress, it should not be ignored. A divorce, death of a loved one or other mentally straining situations can increase the problem. Since this is because more hairs are pushed into the end of their life cycle, the hair problem will reduce when the emotional stress is less.

Your hair is only one reason to deal with stress, your body as a whole will benefit overall from dealing with anxiety. Excersice more and find support for you situation!

Iron anemia

Many women suffer from anemia due to a lack of iron. This is a cause of hair loss that is easy to fix! Have a blood test to confirm if your iron levels are too low and then get a simple diet supplement to correct the problem. Anemia may also give other symptoms like tiredness, headaches and dizziness.


An underactive thyroid gland may cause a condition called “hypothyroidism”. This gland located in our neck is responsible for the important task of producing hormones to regulate several important functions in our body. If it fails to deliver enough, one of many results are loss of hair. Proper medical treatment will reduce most symptoms, including the hair loss.

Too little vitamin B

Vitamin B deficiency is not so common in the western world, but it is very easy to correct, a simple dietary supplement can do the trick. Also consider changing your diet and focus more on fish, meat, vegetables and non-citrus fruits. Add some “good fat” like avocados and nuts. A good, balanced diet supports your body in many ways, including hair health.

Hair loss because of autoimmunity

An overactive immune system is the cause of this condition. It is a medical condition and should be handled by a professional. Steroid injections may help, but can also give unpredictable results like hair loss in round patches in the scalp. Chemical treatments like minoxidil is an option.

Losing weight too quick

Losing weight may of course be very good for you, but if it is too quick, hair loss may occur. Hair production is a complex process requiring a stable supply of nutrients. A sudden lack of essential nutrients may disturb the process. Cancer treatment can cause the same phenomena . Chemotherapy aim to attack rapid cell growth as in a cancer. Hair production is also a rapid cell growth so hair loss is a common side effect.

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